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We are proud to provide diabetes supplies, delivered to your door with NO shipping or handling fees. Get your supplies conveniently every three months, without visiting the pharmacy, or even leaving your home.


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We understand the need to increase your quality of life. When you order your Diabetes supplies from us, you can expect support, commitment, understanding and knowledge.

Make testing easier - when you place your first order with All Med, we'll send you a handy new glucose Speaking Meter. Fill out this form for your FREE* Speaking Meter, and one of our caring professionals will contact you.

You deserve a happy healthy life. We Provide:
Quarterly delivery of your Diabetes supplies deliverd right to your door. A FREE* glucose meter with your first order. Insurance and Medicare filling - so you dont have to deal with paperwork. A caring and dedicated staff is available Monday thru friday to answera all of your questions. Medicare or private Insurance is required for you to recive diabetic testing supplies from Allmed Discount Supply.

Why is All-Med Right for you?
Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to YOUR care and comfort. With Live Support Monday thru Friday, our experts are here to answer your questions about your prescriptions or supplies, explain Medicare and insurance benefits, and even assist you in following doctor's orders. No need to worry about Medicare and insurance claims. We'll fill out the paperwork for you- so you can begin enjoying a Healthy, Happy life! Don't forget your FREE* Glucose Speaking Meter with your first order, so testing is quicker and easier.

Qualify for your FREE* Speaking Meter and FREE* Home Delivery of your Diabetic Supplies**. We are dedicated to providing Diabetic supplies at little to no cost. With Medicare and private supplemental insurance, your supplies could arrive at your door every three months- and you only pay your annual deductible, if any. We work with most major medical insurance plans. The best part is, you don't have to deal with paperwork. We'll file your Medicare and insurance claims for you. Fill out the form above to find out if you qualify RIGHT NOW.

It's Crucial to Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control
Education and proper monitoring, along with healthy diet and exercise, contribute to a Happy and Healthy life. With our personalized support, quarterly delivery schedule and your FREE* glucose Speaking Meter, you can test as often as you should, and keep your blood sugar under control. We provide supplies such as:
Testing Strips
Lancing Devices
Control Solution




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