The Best Fitness Workouts to Suit Your Body Type

Are you looking for the best fitness holiday workouts to suit your body type and form? For the best gym result it’s important you know your body type for your health and applicability. There three types of body in consideration with gym health-endomorph, mesomorpha and ectomorph. They are considered as the basic formula to categories in order to best maximize the fitness potential on wellness holiday.

There is no gym workout rigidly fits into any body type, thus you will find overlapping similarities among multiple body types within your own body.

Endomorph Body Type

This body type is considered soft, curvy physique. Natural it has larger bone structure meaning the total body mass tends to be higher. If you are experiencing difficulty in losing weight for a health living a weight loss holiday is a perfect opportunity to learn how to reach and maintain optimum body weight.

What are Endomorph Characteristics?


  • They have high level of body fat
  • It’s hard to lose weight
  • Experience slow metabolism
  • Have a larger bone structure.

What are the best cardio gym workouts for endomorphs?

Include cardio gym workout for best weight-loss results. For a healthy living endurance running, spinning or even biking for half an hour 3 days a week will burn fat whilst helping to build muscle and speed up metabolism.

Best gym strength training workouts for endomorphs

Strength training exercises makes lower body feel the burn with heavier weights, thus target muscle more beneficially. Include high reps with short recovery to help burn those extra calories for an endomorph physique.

The Mesomorph Body Type

This body type is considered for athlete and lean body type. There is greater ability to gain muscle mass, the body type forms natural athletes who excel in high-intensity.  The individuals have medium sized body type and bones structure, but gain or lose weight with apparent ease.

They are naturally muscular, gain muscle quickly, efficient metabolism.

The best gym cardio workouts for mesomorphs

To maintain a mesomorph’s muscle tone is including HIIT training in your workout plan. HIIT helps address fear of being bulky women. Too much of the training the body burns muscle instead of fat.

Strength training workout for mesomorphs needs balancing body, well-being and health on a boot camp where shaping up or for those slimming down boost reach fitness goals. You can easily raise the heart rate with slight resistance to heavy, with high number of sets and repetitions to prevent muscle bulking.

The Ectomorph Body Type

They are tiny body type generally slim, tall and long-limbed ectomorph, which optimizes the ideal model physique. It’s hard for this body type to gain weight or muscle mass, as they are naturally disinclined to retain body fat.

They are slender in size thus well suited long distance and endurance events. Their main characteristics are skinny physique, low body fat, fast metabolism, hard to gain weight and muscle, and lean muscle mass.

The best cardio gym workouts for this body type for a tone their lithe physique, suit cardio and long distance running while taking caution for extreme. To build a bulk up, add curves top in HIIT workouts and circuit training.

Train heavier and extend workout time and call for muscle to have a greater recovery time during the sets. Major in strength training in order to gain muscle mass by including 3 sets of 10-12 reps thus gaining the most out of each exercise.

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